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    I loved the apps that came with my Clie. Has anyone here tried hacking any of the Clie apps to run on a Treo?
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    Piscle Browser runs fine. What else have we been missing?
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    Flash Browser, Audio Player, and Picsel Viewer...
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    What does picsel viewer do? (isn't that the same one as Picsel Browser) also flash browser? (is that web browser?)
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    I think Picsel Viewer and Browser are the same. Flash Browser allows you to view Flash movies
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    I tried a few apps when I moved from my Clie to the 600, but they all said they wouldn't run on my device. Haven't actually tried any on the 650 yet. Maybe I should, since it's a high res device, too.
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    Picsel Viewer is the same as the saved file viewer (ie doc, xls, pdf...) of Picsel Browser without the internet. Save a file either from your browser or email attachment and both Picsel Viewer and Browser will open. No need for the Viewer on the Treo and I don't think anyone has ported it yet.
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    If you do a search on this board for 'Macromedia Flash' - you'll find a version that will run on Treo. Was posted only last week, still an active discussion.

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