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    I just received a new Dell Latitude X1 notebook. It sees my Treo 650 via BT but says the Treo only supports FTP, OPP and BIP services. I can't get my Treo to connect to the X1 for PDAnet, DUN or BT Hotsync. I'm wondering if the Bluetooth implementation of the X1 is somehow incompatible with the 650's. It uses Toshiba BT and under network adapters it is listed as Toshiba PAN Bluetooth. I have tried every different virtual serial com port for both PDAnet and Hotsync with no success. The laptop's BT icon changes color like it sees the Treo connecting but then the Treo gives me a "can't connect" message. I'm using the latest Dell drivers too.

    Anyone have any help on this? Thanks.
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    I have the same issue, ttoppins. Did you find a resolution to get DUN working with the x1?
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    I can't even get the Treo to pair with the X1. Using the connection wizard on the X1, I get to the point where the X1 asks for the code but when I enter it, a window opens saying it can't see the device. I have even had the Treo indicate that it has successfully paired with the X1 but the X1 doesn't show the Treo as a paired device. If I could even get that far, I'd be happy. Any suggestions? Of course, Dell says, "not us" which I'm sure is the same response I'd get from Treo if you could ever get anyone from Treo to actually talk to you.
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    You didn't say which Treo you have. Bluetooth DUN and connectivity other than with a headset has been spotty for me at best. Verizon Treos simply don't have the Bluetooth DUN menu setting, and older Sprint Treos didn't have this. At the very least if you do have DUN, youbhave to turn it on.
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    There's a couple more of us with Dell X1s working on this issue here.

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