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    i JUST got my palmOne Bluetooth Wireless Headset for Treo 650 tonite!!! so far so good... been playing with it and it sounds pretty good... the acid test will be on the streets tomorrow where ALL others have historically failed me with static...

    question: i want to leave bluetooth off unless i'm in the phone app, but if i do this and a call comes in i get a popup that says "bluetooth is off. do you want to turn it on?" even before i can see who is calling. anyone know how to disable this? i wanted to use bluefang or something similar to turn bluetooth on when in the phone app automatically, and off when i quit it.


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    Is this the new version of the Palmone Headset, I think a branded BT330?

    How is the sound quality (listen and talk)?

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    i find the sound quality to be about the same as any other one i've used... pretty clear but it's a little quiet and i STILL hear static and pops more often than i'd like...
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    I have been using the TWH for a few days now and am pretty pleased with it. I haven't had a single caller make any comments while using it. The range is much better than I expected compared to other headsets I've tried (Bluespoon AX and HS810). You do get the occasional snap crackle and pop in some situations, but much less than other headphones. The volume is great without eargels.

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