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    Is there a such thing? I seems from several things that I've read, that the normal retail Jabra BT250 doesn't work all that well with the Treo 650, but the Palm branded Jabra does work very well. The only problem is that I don't see it on the PalmOne site anymore? And is there only a Palm branded 250 or is there a 250v as well?

    Did the recent firmware update make it unnecessary? Does anyone know? Thanks.
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    The BT250V is the vibrate model. No palmOne branded version is listed on their web site (and the original BT250P isn't there either).
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    Have a look at post 'PalmOne BT Headset/Treo Wireless Headset—extra features!!' started Apr 28th 03:40 GMT / UTC under 'Accesories > Bluetooth' It looks to me like it contains what you are looking for.
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    The Jabra BT250v works great with the Treo 650, identical featureset to the palmOne version of the BT250 (auto-link etc).

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