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    I am just so frustrated, after spending $600 - for an unlocked GSM 650 (Cingular) so I could use DUN on my laptop, I am ready to drop it into the trash.

    I have read all the posts/threads regarding all different configurations, I have tried them all!!! Nothing seems to work.

    I don't even get to the Logging on to Network message, I seem to get hung up at Verifying User Name and Password.

    If anyone has had any luck in solving this problem please advise.

    I have tried P1 technical support - three times - twice I was disconnected after waiting for more than 20 min. and the third time - the tech support representative couldnt understand me and I couldnt understand her with her thick accent. I am afraid to try again for fear of exploding.

    Anyway, thanks for the rant and I wondering if any one has solved this problem.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I had a lot of trouble setting up DUN as many of the posts in this forum were incorrect or missing details. I am on AT&T so my setup may be slightly different but I know that the phone number that you must dial is the same as mine. Here are the directions, let me know how it works for you:

    1. Use the following modem initialization script:

    AT+CGDCONT=1, "ip", "proxy"

    2. In dial up networking you must dial *99***1# with no user name or password.

    3. Leave the secure connection box unchecked.

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