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    I use my Treo completely for SMS because I am deaf.

    When I SMS certain people, the text will turn grey in the history after I send the message, and a few moments later, turn from grey to red text and vibrate/ring and the LED will turn red...just like I have it set to do when I have an incoming message. I have under preferences for my text to be red in the history. It doesn't do this for everyone...the two people I text the most are my girlfriend and my mom. It does this every time I send a message to my never does it for my girlfriend, and my text on my girlfriends' history always remains grey. What's up with this??

    They are both entered in my contacts under the same headings and I can't find anything different about them. Both are on different cellular services than I am (GF on sprint, mom on Cellone, me on Verizon). It's driving me CRAZY because for one, I can barely read my history with the grey and would rather have it red, but the bounceback alert on some messages drives me crazy as once I send a message, I have to sit there and wait for the alert to bounce back so I can hit "done" again. The popup notification box doesn't come up like when a message comes in...just the LED changes and it vibrate alerts me.

    I have butler installed and use that for alerting.

    Any ideas? I'm really desperate!


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    No one has any idea? I'm desperate as this drives me crazy...

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