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    I've been doing a little but of 'fun' coding for the Treo recently and in the process I've learnt to use the PalmOne simulator. The simulator seems like a fine place to test out apps before installing them on your Treo. I really HATE installing something just to discover it resets/freezes right away. Such problems can be caught immediately by first installing the app on the Treo Simulator. Also the Simulator remembers the software previously installed on it, so you can closely mimic your real Treo setup.

    I'm too lazy to paste a link to the Treo Simulator, but it's easily searchable off the PalmOne developer's site.

    Hope y'all find this tip useful!
    - Sid Vajirkar
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    thanx for the tip but another way to avoid this is using the sandbox feature in uninstall manager...
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