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    I am a second year law student and take most of my class notes using my Stowaway on my VDx. I've been using the MemoPad for this function and it's worked fairly well. The thing is - I try to outline my notes as I am taking them and then export that doc to my desktop. I've read everything I could find about all of the DocEds out there, but want to know if any of them support an outline format (such as the one in Word)? All other features look nice, but all I really need is that outline form - you know

    Anyways, if anyone knows of a program that might do this, let me know... Thanks.
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    No, I don't work for this company, but they ahve a phenominal product that I am sure will meet your needs precisely.

    It's called Arranger, put out by Olivbranch Software, ( It has:

    You can import from documents, export to memo, using Spaces, Tabs, or html. It even interacts with your ToDo list if you want. It does everything, too much to detail here. Go to for more info, (and I believe a free trial?). Anyway, I bought it several months back and I am still using it. One of the best things about it is that you can create an outline, then double click on an outline item to enter notes for that given outline topic. Now, THAT is nice!


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    Brainforest is another option.

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