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    not sure if its a big deal for ppc users since acrobat reader can open native pdf's on that platform.

    Quote Originally Posted by jlczl
    BTW, Motorola MPX220 has Picsel Viewer pre-loaded.
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    Just posted a request on the site! ("Please make Piscel Browser/Viewer available on the Treo 650 and other hi-res Palm devices!")

    Sidebar: I wonder if PalmSource can work withPiscel to create or license a super doooper version of the Blazer Bowser, using the Palm OS6/Cobalt/Linux seems a shame to have to use two viwers for the same stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DougKoz
    So there's no reason that Picsel can't offer the Picsel browser for the Treo 650 - it clearly works pretty well right out of the box (see the thread on it here: )

    There were over 4K views of the Picsel browser thread. If each of us wrote to them saying what we'd be willing to pay $25 for the browser including PDF viewer, they'd have at least $100K off the top for releasing it -- and that's just the beginning for them.
    How many times did you visit the thread? 5, 10, 20? Are you willing to pay $500 for it? Because that's what twenty times twenty-five is. The software that counts thread views counts each view, not each visitor.
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    Sent a request per the thread directions... hope to hear something positive in reply!
    everything was beautiful and nobody hurt.
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    me too...
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