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    With VZW getting closer to selling the 650, I've been looking at cases. I'm petrified about cracking the screen, so I've decided to get a flip cover case.
    I've been looking at the TC store and elsewhere on the Net and have it narrowed down to 2 -- the Piel Frama leather or the TC one.
    Anyone have experience with either? Or is there another one you might recomend?
    Thanks for the help.
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    I've been using the MobiBlu case for a couple weeks - works well so far. I tried putting business cards in the slot - they fit but it was not very functional. Everything else works as advertised.

    MobiBlu Case
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    Vaja T66.
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    I like the Piel Frama case mostly because of the ability to take off the pimple that secures the belt clip (I mostly use it without the clip). The clip is not rock solid strong, however - it once disloged from my waist getting out of a car, but the case protected it pretty well. I think I would have gotten the Vaja T66 had it been available when I was looking for cases more for the color selection.
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    The Piel Frama case is great!

    It has a metal knob that hooks into the belt clip. Over time that metal knob wears on the belt clip and you have to get a replacement clip maybe once ever 4-6 months. (You can get replacement belt clips at Radio Shack for about $5 a piece.) But the case is wonderful.
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    I doubt it matters to you that much, but I just posted one in the marketplace, it's in my opinion very good as a flip cover case. I looked at all the options and ended up with it because it could do many things. I have to sell it because of my job and its strict clothing attire. But if you're interested, take a look, I'm selling it for cheap
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    I like the security of the hard case with the flip cover you can see through. I've been using it for a month. I wear it on my hip and I'm no longer worried about the screen.

    And it's inexpencive, too. Seriously, I've fallen in love with this case. I love it as much as the 650 itself.
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    Thanks for the help everyone, and keep the posts coming. I'm leaning towards the Piel Frama. Still have time to change my mind.
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    I know it's not on your list, but put in another vote for the T66 from Vaja. I had the Piel Frama for my 600, and even used it for the 650 for a while. Good case and the removable nub is nice. Have an Innopocket hard case and a Sena flip case for my old HP2200 PPC.

    The Vaja seems to have a better quality leather then the Sena and the Piel Frama. I like that you can access the top functions with the Vaja (especially the mute switch) where as with the Piel Frama you need to open the flap first. I didn't consider the Sena flip case because I wasn't thrilled with the quality on my previous one, and I didn't like the snap closure on top. The hard cases offer great protection, but I've found that using them while they're open can sometimes be uncomfortable.

    The T66 seems to hold the 650 more snugly then the Piel Frama (which had a tendancy to slip in the case) and I think it offers more protection. Plus the SD holder inside the flap is great. To quote Ferris Bueller, "I highly recommend picking one up".
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    One thing I've noticed is there are a lot of cases that have large white stitching on a dark color. They look ugly to me. The small black stitching on a black case looks better, personally.
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    And the winner is.....
    The Vaja Classic PA 31. I like the looks and the way it covers the device to protect it.
    Since VZW won't have the 650 for who knows how long, I can wait a month for it.
    Now watch VZW get it next week!
    Thanks again to anyone who repsonded!
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    does the piel frama allow you to flip it over the back so you can talk on it without the big flap hanging over your head?

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