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    This is a heads up to those of you who are going to buy this case and live in "fringe" areas. I tried to contact the author of the review (Doug Morse) but his email bounced back. Therefore, I decided to post it here.

    To Doug:

    I read your review and purchased the Innopicket Hard Case from Treocentral. I though you might be interested in a surprising
    negative aspect of this case.

    It kills my signal! It turns out that the stub antenna is just a small part of the antenna system.

    At my house in the three locations that I usually use my treo 650:

    Without case
    Location A: 3 bars
    Location B: 2 bars
    Location C: 2 bars

    With Case
    Location A: 1 bar - marginal down to 0 bars
    Location B: 0 bars
    Location C: no service

    That is big attenuation! It effectively turns my phone into a $400 door stopper. Just thought you would like to know.
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    I have the same case and it does NOT affect MY signal at all.

    Can we have additional reports?
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    I've had mine for a little over a month now. I bought it from here:

    but I think it's the same case.

    I have NOT had any signal loss at all in the case. It is identical number of bars either way.

    What sort of tests are you doing to check the signal?
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    I'm guessing he just looks at the bars on the screen.....
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    i have been using the rhino skin version of this case for the 600 on my 650(sprint). even with the case on, and in my pocket, i don't notice any missed calls, or dropped calls while using my bluetooth headset (jabra 250). might it be a carrier issue?
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    I too am using the Rhino Skin version for the Treo 600 on my 650. I have no problems with call reception signal at all, in fact, I posted elsewhere that I have better signal with my 650 than any phone I have ever had and that's with the case on it.

    This particular case interferes with bluetooth, but that's because it does not have a window in the front of it like the 650 version does.
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    I have the hard case but have cut off the lower section that covers the keyboard.

    I seem to havebetter bluetooth signal strength when the phone is not in the case but haven't noticed any difference in cell phone signal strength.

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    Hey Concreteweb,

    I did not notice any signal degredation while using the case. You can always PM me. I have not asked them to correct my e-mail address here because I don't want to pick up spam.


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