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    Well, I've finally purchased a Treo 650 and need to get a case for it. I'm going to be carrying it around in my pocket so slim cases are key. I did pre-purchase research here on this topic and the Sena Leatherskin was the most popular option (vs silicone cases). However, since then, I was flying through the Atlanta airport and saw an interesting Bellagio case at the Palm store there.

    I believe it was the one here (although it was $40 at the Palm airport store).

    I did a search of the forums and could only find one post (it was positive) for the Bellagio case. The case I saw at the store looked very thin but the pic of the Bellagio case online has a very strange front to it. Is it truly protruding significantly from the display, as it appears? And are there metal clips on the bottom holding the Treo in place? Can anyone comment on the overall thinness of the case (iow not adding bulk to the Treo for pocket use)?

    I'm intrigued by this case b/c it is $10 less than the Sena but appears to be relatively similar. However, I'd really love some opinions on the Bellagio...
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    I would also like some feedback on Bellagio. Anyone tried this case? How thin (or bulky) is this?
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    I ended up buying the Sena case b/c I got a 20% discount (making it the same price as the Bellagio) and there had been a lot of good comments about the Sena in various threads. Have just started using it today and overall I like it. It's definitely very thin and fits nicely. Adds almost zero bulk. And it looks sleek too.

    The main disadvantage I've found so far is that it is a little more difficult to hit the up button on the 5-way controller b/c of the leather being so close by. However, I'm hoping that will be something I get used to. Anyhow, sorry I can't provide any Bellagio info. I hope you have better luck than I did getting feedback.
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    I should get the Bellagio case you mention here sometime tomorrow. I'll post my comments after I have had it for a few days.

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    Can anyone let me know of the Bellagio case has a ratchet style clip or does it free swivel?
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    Well I got my Bellagio case yesterday. So far I like it. I would like to have a hard plastic protector in front of the screen that could be moved out of the way but I guess nobody makes the perfect case.

    The case fits well, and the raised leather around the edges of the screen should provide more screen protection than many other cases. I especially like the tabs that hold the case on at the bottom of the keyboard. This allows the leather to be completely out of the way of the keyboard without causing problems with the phone slipping out of the keyboard opening.

    Also, the clip is a free swivel.


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