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    1)currently using 1.0.5
    still having problems sending files w/chatter & FM.. today Tried to send someone 4 treo pics.. would stop during file uploads (30 perc complete of 2nd attach) & eventually was put in draft folder. after 3 attempts... sent w/snapper.
    2) I get a reset if an app like blazer tries to access vision when chatter is synching.
    3)After installing beta rc 13 or 14.. now if I have a reset.. treo goes to update time/date screen.. (didnt & don't have enable network time enabled)
    I will try to send a log later.
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    john - I don't see any of these things, ever. And I haven't gotten reports of them either. What phone? What firmware revision? What carrier?

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    sprint FW updated

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