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    I would like to change the sound the 650 makes when I turn the phone off (and on) but can't find a place to choose the sound. Is there a way?

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    Search the forum, there are several active topics on this subject already with a number of solutions and explanations.
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    Thanks for the advise - but I already tried that and didn't find anything about the Turn-on and Turn-Off sounds. I did find messages about ALL of the other sounds, however.

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    To summarize, currently there isn't a specific way to disable the phone start-up/power-down sounds aside from disabling system sounds or switching the phone into vibrate mode. There are talks about modifying phone.prc as well as several other methods. Check some of the returned search results for more information.
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    Thanks a bunch. That clears things up.

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    I've searched on that a lot. I even tried to edit the Phone.prc application. But I don't understand from Palm app resources too much.
    I created 1-2 threads about this but nobody seemed so interested. You may check my threads in developers corner.

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