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    I'm experiencing an odd problem: from time to time, some or all of the information displayed on my screen, just disappears! If I'm in Blazer, the web page content goes away but the header and scrollbar remains; if I'm in DateBk5, my appointments and ToDo split screen details disappear, again leaving only the header and scrollbar; if I'm in ZLauncher; the contents of the current tab disappear, along with some of the icons from the top bar. Similar behaviour in Chatter, too. It will even clear out the appointment details of the Alarm popup screen, leaving only the action buttons!

    Whenever this happens, I can retrieve the information by forcing a screen redraw - by scrolling down and back un in Blazer, or switching to tomorrow and back to today in DB5, for example - but I'd like to figure out what caused this to suddently start happening. I have not loaded any new software onto my 650 in weeks - the last thing to change was that I unlocked it several weeks ago, but this has only started happening in the last few days.

    Any ideas or suggestions gratefully accepted.
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    I believe it may be a memory issue.
    I noticed similar behavior if I used the home button while in the middle of some apps (e.g. games -lol) instead of formally exiting the app first.
    I believe some apps run from the card remain resident in memory if you don't exit them. Blazer appears to have high memory requirements and chokes if it can't get it.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it happens in other applications as well, even directly after a reset, without having fired up Blazer, so I suspect that Blazer is not the culprit.

    It's not related to inactivity, either - it'll sometimes blank only a second or two after the last button press.
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    OK, I think I found it: a ChatterMail beta. I forgot I had loaded 1.5b20 last week, and the release notes for the production version of 1.5 make mention of fixing a bug that caused some screen corruption with other apps. Sure enough, loaded 1.5 and the problem has gone away.

    Funny, as a sysadmin and tech support guy, I'm always wary of folks who insist that they haven't done anything to trigger a problem that has mysteriously surfaced, and I'm guilty of exactly that!
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