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    Hello everyone, just picked-up my new Treo650 over the weekend. My cell phone providers is Rogers Wireless in Canada. I love everything about it, however the one thing that has become annoying is the phone keeps resetting itself.

    I noticed resetting problems occurs during the following situations :
    - only happens when the phone is one, never has happened when I use the Treo applications with the phone is off
    - when the phone is on, if I loose signal (ie. going into an underground parking lot) and then regain the signal the phone will always reset
    - when the phone is on for long periods of time without any calls coming in (ie. I leave the phone on all night and when I 'wake-up' the Treo from sleep mode it will always reset)

    Anyways, I read up on the Treo650 before buying and I know the reset problem is quite common. Are any of you guys experiencing the same problems as me above.

    Also, is there going to be any patches for Rogers customers to fix the above problems?

    Any input would be apprieciated.

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    Have you checked the system error log (dial #*377) to ascertain the cause of the resets?
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    Thanks for the info...

    I did that and this is the message that appears:

    Crash occurred while running 'Phone'

    Line 441: Host wake not asserted in time.

    My phone reset itself a couple times yesterday and this was the message came up.

    Do you have any thoughts on this??

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    Your 650 is faulty and needs to be replaced under warranty. This is a known hardware problem, and many of us - myself included - have had our units replaced because of it. My original 650, like yours, reset itself many times a day, always with the HALRadioAcDc error. The replacement has been rock solid.

    Try a search for HALRadioAcDc or "host wake" if you need examples to cite to Rogers.

    Good luck!
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