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    Is there a way to change the hard button choices available for bringing up the background-play console?

    I think its completely idiotic for the developers to choose the 4 most important "hard" application buttons for bringing up the Pocket Tunes console during background play. Couldnt they have allowed the customizeable side button to be used?? I mean honestly, Ive spent too much time staring at my Treo screen debating which button I use less than the others.

    I have my calendar button set to Agendus, Mail button set to Chatter, phone button set to.... phone, and my power button turns on/off the screen. Its a no-win situation having to give one of them up.

    Are there other options available with Pocket Tunes Deluxe?
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    Do you email them with a request ?
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    Normsoft has stated that one of the next releases of PocketTunes will have more button choices for the console, specifically for Treo users.
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    i have bothe agendus and pocket tunes console set to the contacts button.

    true, when i want to get to agendus It takes an extra step, but I live with it.

    normsoft is looking into the option of the side button.
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    I set the console button to the Power button on the 650. You can't use it for anything else, really, but it works just fine for PTunes without interfering with it's on/off functionality.
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    Instead of messing with the pTunes console, I assigned one of the 4 quick-launch "arrows" in the Phone application to pTunes. That's on T600, I assume the 650 also has them.

    So from whereever I am, even if the display is off, I'm just two button presses away from pTunes (Phone button, then right nav). Course this does close whatever you were doing, if you were doing anything. But about 99 percent of the time that I'm listening to pTunes, I'm not using any other program.

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