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    Hello Everyone-

    I just placed my order for this nifty device. :menu:
    Just wanted to see if anyone has used this before and what they thought of it?
    Read all the write up on it and sounds like a win-win situation... Since I have yet to find a Bluetooth headset worth while.

    Please if you have any information, feel free to vent!

    Take Care everyone! *Thanks*

    - Jim R.
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    I bought Supertooth for use with my "old" mobilephone K700i, where it worked very well. Pressing the left of the two buttons opened voice recognition in my K700i and most of the voice tags worked. Incoming calls could be answered by pressing the same button.
    With my Treo650 and Voice Launcher I have to press and hold the green button on my treo, call the voice tag and sometimes (!!) I get the right connection.
    Incoming calls can be answered with the left button of Supertooth.
    I hope, that the BT-handling in the treo will be brought to the state of art in one of the next patches.
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    Read this thread. Not "all" good.

    Off topic: Oh, and you might wanna take your email out of your sig - opens you up for spam. At the very least change it to "xxxx at" (literally type a space and "at" and another space).

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