Have Cingular Treo 650 & a PowerBook G4 & Earthlink email. Versamail worked fine then stopped working. Says it didn't recognize the outgoing settings (smtpauth.earthlink.net). Have set up a 2nd Mail 2 account on the 650 with the exact same settings which does work, but the default Versamail is not working. It says it is "getting" say 50 messages and it spools through like it is retrieving them but they just don't display. Also cannot delete them because I cannot "select" them. So I end up with tons of messages piling up on the Versamail primary account.
Today Cingular treo tech support had me do a hard reset twice. Versamail worked for about 5 minutes then nothing.
I've tried downloading FileZ and Snappermail to deal with this but unable to open them on my PowerBook (.prc format is not a known format) even though I have unchecked "open only clean files" in my Graphic Converter.
I need some help if anyone can clue me in!