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    For those who have never thought of using your Handspring Treo for a modem, consider PDANet, which I've used for over six months now in order to access the internet when on the go. Came in especially handy in the airport, where I was able to download e-mail while others had to pay the stupid airport wireless LAN fees.
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    I've downloaded PDAnet to my sd card but can't figure out how to launch it from my laptop?
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    download and install the program on your laptop.
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    Call me a newbee but how exactly do I do that?
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    I don't use it on an SD card but to install to the Treo all you do is install the program on your PC then Hotsync. This will install the prc file on your Treo and you'll be all set.
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    As others have mentioned:

    You must install the PdaNet application on your laptop first.

    Then do a hotsynch to install the PdaNet application from your laptop onto your Treo handheld.

    Then choose a connection method (example: Port-USB) and plug in hotsynch cord from Treo to laptop's USB 2.0 port.

    You may have to press the "Connect" button on the Treo's PdaNet application.

    Then go to your laptop and open an Internet Explorer window, and you should be connected to the internet now.
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    Thank you very much for your help!
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    BTW you can use PdaNet and bluetooth combined from your Treo to your Laptop. That way you can surf the net and not have any wires at all. The setup isn't too bad.
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    After trying the program on my laptop, I noticed this incredible lag when booting and loading programs. Uninstalled and the speed issues resolved. I originally tested it on my desktop PC and didn't think anything of leaving it on there. I then noticed that the system had slowed and the auxiliary fan was frequently turning on. I left the program on my PC but deleted it from startup. I strongly suggest you don't have the program automatically run at start up.
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    I've used PDANet successfully for over a year now with the Treo 600 and 650 with no issues (except a bug in one previous update that was fixed.) It's much more convenient to use than bluteooth DUN. Therefore I also recommend this product.
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