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    Is a hard reset really necessary to do the upgrade? every time I do that I end up having to rebuild everything because the backups never restore everything correctly.

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    No, you should NEVER have to do a hard reset when upgrading. A "warm" reset involves resetting with the stylus while holding the rocker-up key until "Palm Powered" appears. A warm reset does NOT mean you have to rebuild prefs, etc.

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    I thought a warm reset was simply pushing the reset button. How is what you're describing different from that? That's the first steps to a hard reset, and that's what I thought you were describing in the upgrade.

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    No, actually, a HARD reset involves holding the POWER button while resetting. Just pushing the reset button is a SOFT reset.

    Here's a good article about the differences:,CASE=887

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    Duh! That's the same article that I used for the zero reset a week or so ago. :-)

    Thanks Marc

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