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    Now that Seido has a GSM offering, I wanted to ask if anyone's knows the answers specific to the GSM model.

    I am looking to maintain phone functionality via BT (Treo Wireless Headset) while using the 650 to handle GPS functions. Main thing being, I don't want taking a call to make me reset the GPS stuff. Though I have oft been told this is posisble, the TomTom site says:

    "TomTom Navigator on the Treo 650: The Phone feature of the Treo 650 must be switchced off while using TomTom Navigator. If a call is taken or made while TomTom Navigator is in use you will have to restart it and replan the route."

    Despite the above there's several threads stating this worked at elast on the CDMA version of the Seido kit and TomTom.

    1. I assume that if the CDMA versions works w/o trashing the GPOS software by using a wired connection to the Seido cradle, I will be able to maintain phone and GPS functionality with the GSM 650 / BT TWH ?

    2. What is the difference between, if I am remembering correctly, the 2500M and 2100S ?

    3. What is the installed footprint of the software options, that is Tom Tom versus Mapopolis assuming of course the whole continental US is loaded ?

    4. I already own licenses for all of the Delorme Software Programs including Street Atlas, Topo, 3d Topo, etc. Any info available as to how these things work with the Seido Set / 650 ? As I go off road, street maps ain't gonna help me in those situations.

    5. How long is the wire for the antenna / receover of the various options ? I'd like to exterior mount the antenna by running cable thru firewall to engine compartment and placing antenna on hood near windshield. This was relatively easy with my van...I anticipate a bit harder with my SUV.

    6. Will e-grips affect the 650's entry into the cradle ?....they don't affect installation in my Palm cradle at all.
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    Wow....just about a wekk and no takers ?
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    I just picked up the 2500 / BT gps kit with Tomtom and played with it some this weekend.

    For receiving calls while tomtom is running, if you take the call, tomtom closes and phone starts. when you hang up you have to restart navigator, and then it will reload the route you were using and run from there. You can either assign tomtom to a hardware button, use the launcher, or what I do, just pop the SD card in/out to relaunch.

    1) Yes, from what I understand you'd have to get the wired version, not the BT version to be able to use a bt headset to take a call with the gps program running

    2) There's a word doc hidden under extra info on the seido site with a chart of the features for the various cradles. If I remember right, the main difference is the powered speaker on the 2500.

    3) Tomtom's site listed the size for various map files under map coverage,
    My footprint for the software, the major NE map, and an extra voice installed is about 100mb.

    4) I didn't see anything that would let me load in 3rd party maps into the software, as far as I know its tomtom maps only.

    5) On my kit there's a spot to plug in an antenna cable on the GPS, but you don't need one if you just set it on the dash. Same with my Treo, I use just the built in.

    6) Can't help you there.
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    1) Yes, I keep having people say that is "their understanding" but no one has verified it that is actually doing it.

    2) Thanks, I'll look for the thing.

    3) The NE is 139 MB on that site yuou gave....looks like all maps would be 893 MB if I don't load the "major road network" and Canada.

    4) No, using the Delorme maps would mean using the Delorme software with the Treo and Seido hardware.

    5) The receiver has the antenna built in and, assuming it's weatherproof, I would like to mount it externally or get a remote antenna.

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