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    Over the last week, I started having a number of Fatal Errors with Goodlink. After several hard resets, a 1.08 ROM reload, and a number of other steps, I think the problem may lie with the memory itself. Even after hard resetting my 650 and not reloading Goodlink, I started all kinds of crazy errors from files like VFSDBCache.c and Emul68k???.c. Some resets were from an unknown application, others from Phone, and one from Contacts - before anything had been synched.

    Has anyone else seen anything like this? Everything started post 1.08 load.
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    Talk to Good on this one. It's probably a s/w issue with GoodLink.
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    Thanks. I actually spent several hours on the phone with them earlier this week. They had seen a similar problem with Goodlink causing a fatal error with another customer but resolved it with a Goodlink software downgrade. Tried that to no avail.

    The key for me as I mentioned was after a hard reset and NOT reloading Goodlink, I still had strange resets.

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