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    Just downloaded it today on my 650....besides the few games i have that I switched over to the card...what Treo 650 files/programs can be moved over to the card to free up space???
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    Most anything that doesn't need to work in the background...
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    Best way to do it is do it one at time and see how the program works. Most seem to work except ones with data base type data. Some do well. It takes a while to load, sort etc. If the program doesn''t work right, move it back.
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    what does that exactly mean??? Could u explain more?
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    In Zlauncher, if you hold the stylus on an icon for a program, you get a menu. In that menu you can select move to card. It will move the program and all its associated files to the card. If the program is on the card, you select move to RAM.

    Every time I load a program, I move it to the card and see how it performs. If it craps out, I move it back.

    The only problems I have had running problems on the card are ones that are a database like Tealphone.
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    Even most apps that use a database should work from the card, because ZLauncher moves the app and databases to RAM to run, and then back to the card when done. Here's a partial list of apps I have loaded to the card:

    Dir Assistant
    Bejeweled, Bejeweled 2

    Here are some apps that I don't think will work correcly from the card:


    As others have suggested: try them, one at a time, and see.
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    A general rule of thumb with ZLauncher and PowerRun is to keep utilities in main memory. If you look closely at meyerweb's list, it is almost exclusively utilities that bomb, because they are often timing dependent, or operate continuously/background. Therefore, they won;t "run" from the card because the program's really not running from the card, but loading to, then running in main ram. This is kind of like the old DOS expanded memory boards we used in the dark ages - you're swapping programs in and out, not really multitasking.
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