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    Hey Marc, I loaded the new version today, and things are working great except for one small thing. When I get a new email and the pop up appears, if I select "Mark Read" and then go into Chatter the email is still listed in bold like I've not read it. I only really noticed/checked this in one instance adn I checked really fast after I selected mark read, is this like the delete where you need to give it a bit? Except with the delete it at least turns grey, this didn't seem to do anything. Anyway, just though I'd let you know.
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    Hmm... This certainly used to work... Are you using the Summary mailbox?

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    No I wasn't using the summary, but I've been paying attention to it this morning and cannot recreate it so it must have been "user error", but I swear it did leave a couple Bold. I'll let you know if I see it again. Thanks,

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