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    Yes *really*, stays on the belt clip though! See, I was walking down a flight of stairs... and since the case rotates so freely, it rotated to an upside down position (without my knowledge BTW), and with each step I took walking down the stairs the damn treo came out flying! Anyone think Vaja should be held liable? (just want some opinions)
    Mine is loose enough to allow the treo to fall out (Thank God it never happend). It came that way on day one. I put some of those thin felt stickers that are used for furniture inside my case, and now I experience the snuggness others talk about.
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    Mine case also is loose enough for the treo to fall out, and it has happened about 5 times. Each time it has sent my Sandisk Ultra II Gigcard flying out, and once my 6'5", 235 lb Offensive linemen of a buddy stepped the card. Luckily, there was no damage to the card, and the damage to my 650 has been minimal (antenna has a few nicks, as do each of the corners of the 650).

    Since then I placed an elastic cord through the LED hole and wrapped it around the antenna to prevent it from falling out anymore. If I turn my case upsidedown, my treo WILL fall out with just a little tap on the bottom.

    Should I contact Vaja to get my case repaired or replaced? The leather is also peeling around the top as can be seen in the attached photo.
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