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    I have a Treo 650 Cingular. Ever since the voicemail firmware update that came out last month, I have had some intermittant problems with this program.

    When I press the side button to begin the voice dialer process, sometimes the title page comes up, and then it immediately switches over to a screen that looks "administrative" in nature, and the voice dialing sequence ceases. Now, when I press the side button, the title screen comes up, and it freezes.

    I have more than ample memory to run this program.

    The fix for the above is to do a soft reset. After the reset, the program works again. However, after a few days, this whole cycle will repeat itself.

    The soft reset fix is livable; however, when you need the program the most, while driving, doing a soft reset does not lend itself to safe driving habits.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue, and can anyone offer a permanent fix? I have not contacted Palm or anyone else about this. I tend to find my solutions more on this forum than any other.

    Thank you.
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    Mine crapped out about a week or so after the update. So I deleted with Uninstall maanger and reinstalled.
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    Did that work?
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    Just went over to the Palmone site. Version 1.1.01 has just been released. I just downloaded the update. Have not yet had a chance to see if it solves the issues raised in this thread.

    I will report back, but probably not until after the weekend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobcpa

    I will report back, but probably not until after the weekend.
    Well by then there will surely be 10 more threads added to the existing 5 informing us of an update to Voice Dial!
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