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    Hi, I'm a long time treo user (Treo 600, 300) and now new owner of a Treo 650.

    I have a question regarding 3 Way calling. With the Treo 600 you could have one call on hold and make a second call and swap between them with a swap button on the 600.

    It appears the 650 doesn't have a swap button and once one call is on hold and another call is dailed the only way to get back to the 1st caller is to conference them together or hang up on everyone.

    Has anyone found a solution to this problem, or is this just an issue with my particular phone?

    I'm not talking about the issue of once 2 parties are conferenced only going to one, I know you would have to hangup on both, but before conferencing with 3 way calling and 2 parties on the line?

    I searched the boards and the manual and didn't see this addressed, anyone have any luck or workarounds?

    I'm using a Sprint PCS 650 by the way, in case GSM features are different.
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    Sorry, I guess the GSM phones are different...I can dial a number, put it on hold. Once its on hold, I have Hang Up, Add Call, and Off Hold options.

    If I select Add Call, I get the phone pad back, and dial another number...then prompted to "Dial another call?"

    I then have the 2nd call as Active...I then have options for Swap and Conf available. If I use Swap (as you describe) I can switch between each of the calls separately, or Conf joins the calls.

    If you don't have a Swap option, I'm guessing Sprint phones are different.
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    Yes exactly, I used to have swap with the Sprint Treo 600, it is not an option on the Treo 650 with Sprint I guess.

    I just tried the scenario again exactly as you described and swap is not an option.

    Any other sprint treo 650 users find a solution, 3rd party software, or workaround?
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    I know this may sound simple, but I can't figure it out. When I have a call on hold and I try to make another call, I can't get to the call log of recently dialed numbers. When I push the green button twice, as you are supposed to, to get to the call log, it takes me back to the call screen showing the on hold call. How can I bring up that call log or recently dialed numbers?

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