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    How can I get rid of the crap entries that Cingular put in my sim chip. They also show up on my favories page and I see no way to remove them or reassign those spots. I don't want my first favorite entries all to be ways of calling Cingular.

    Any advice on how to do this woud be much appreciated.
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    In the phone application, tap the stylis on the word "cingular" in the top left corner.

    You'll get the menu to "Edit Favorites Page."

    Once there, drag the offending boxes into the lower right hand corner of the screen and drop them on to the #5 box.

    This will move that buttons you don't want to access to the fifth page of the favorites.

    You can then add new favorites to the blank boxes. You can also adjust the order by dragging the box you want in a higher spot and dropping it on a box already occupied by a favorite. It will swap the two spots.

    Hope this helps.
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    This works well. Thanks

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