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    I've had Handango's VoiceDial software installed on my boss's Sprint Treo 650 for a few months, with relatively few problems. Now, when the program is activated an error pops up with a message (I'm paraphrasing): Not enough dynamic memory, VoiceDial requires at least 2MB of dynamic memory...".

    I briefly solved the problem by uninstalling/reinstalling the software, but now the error is back.
    I know this error has been seen by those installing this software on the Treo 600, but I am using a Treo 650.

    If someone has an idea, I'd appreciate some assistance or at least a good contact at Palm. Is there any support for this software?

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    I have had this happen on occasion. Simply resetting the Treo650 resolves the issue for me. Not need to reinstall.
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    A soft reset does the trick? How often have you seen the problem?
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillter
    A soft reset does the trick? How often have you seen the problem?
    Often enough to be annoying. A simple soft reset is all it takes - about 35 seconds for me, including time for the phone to come back on.
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    So, I did the soft reset and it worked. It's too bad that this problem occurs, because the software isn't bad. Unfortunately, there's no way my boss will be ok with resetting every week or so. Is there a way to tell the software developers that this is happening?
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    Gra him one of thr porgrams that will let you do a soft reset without taking the cover off....Uninstall manager does this for example.

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