I'm on my second set of Treos (600 then 650), I've used Palm forever, so I know a bit about what I'm doing.

With that said I'm trying to figure out whether of not I should update my latest 650 with the Sprint 1.08 update. Here's my saga.

I got a 650 to replace my 600 (which I had very limited issues with) - had to have that great screen, and found the other upgrades very nice. After I was using it with minimal spontaneous resets - mostly when browsing the web - I dropped it. It hid a draw pull and caused a huge dent in the screen. Much to my surprise it still seem to be working fine, except for tapping the screen where the dent was. But I seemed to notice more resets than before (could very well have been my imagination). I installed the 1.08 update on this machine with no problems. I used it for about a week.

Then it got stuck in a looping reset. I followed the directions (who thought of that key stroke, mouth-stylus combination?) and eventually got it out. Then it happened again a couple of days later, and finally was happening about once a day. I was traveling with the sync cable even when I didn't have my laptop.

I got it replaced with a new 650. Since it had 1.03 on it I immediately upgraded to 1.08 and it started to have looping resets. After 6 looping resets in a week, I returned it as defective and got a new one. This one has 1.03 on it and I haven't upgraded.

So here are my questions: Have any of you experienced looping resets since upgrading? Other than memory managment (which isn't an issue with me) what am I missing that I need to have? Did I just get a bad 2nd Treo with memory problems, or is the looping reset tied to the 1.08 upgrade?
Would you upgrade or stay with 1.03.