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    Hi guys... I am a new T650 user... I've retired my iPaq because i'm tired of carrying around my phone and PDA everywhere.. I've grown accustomed to the Windows OS, but i'm an old school Tungsten T user, so I figure it wont take me too long to get back into it. I have a question, however. I had a couple registered programs on my Tungsten T, that I paid for and downloaded. I'd like to install them onto my T650, but its been forever since I installed the programs, and I have no idea where I got the registered versions from. After browsing around I found some demo versions of the programs which I downloaded and installed. Question is how do I copy my registered prc file from each program onto my SD card, then move the card to my T650, and move/overwrite the demo prc file for each program?

    This was a snap with Windows, but i'm having a bit of a problem figuring it out in Palm

    Thanks in advance for the help,
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    You'll need a third party file manager. FileZ is good, and free.

    But this might not help you anyway. A lot of Palm apps keep the registration info in the Saved Preferences database, so copying over the old prc file won't get it to show up as registered. Have you checked the application menus to see if there's any contact information for the developer? That may be your only way to retrieve the registration codes.
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    Ill try that... otherwise I suppose i'll have to reregister, which sucks

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