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    I just ordered the innopocket case off Ebay for my Treo. I also ordered a java i-volution case. I ordered the aluminum to hold me over until the java gets here, but I was thinking if I would like the aluminum case better than the java. I'd be rather upset, . I figure, maybe I'll get tired of one and want to switch out cases like women do purses, lol. What do you think? Do any of you use more than one case?
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    I use Vaja normally, hanging off my belt. I use the Innopocket aluminum case when it's raining or if I have to put the Treo 650 in a briefcase or suitcase.
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    I find that I have to resist the urge to use more than one case. My mother is a "multiple handbag" person and I think I have a similar gene. I've been successful so far at maintaining one wallet (no man purses for me) and two Treo cases (P1 side holster - no longer used, and Vaja T65).
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    I use two cases...often, both at once. I bought the S650 skin case when I first got my Treo 650 so that I could carry the Treo in my pocket. I've since found that there are times when it would be more convenient to have the Treo in a belt-clip case...but I don't want to ditch the skin to use the case (I like the way the skinned Treo feels in my hand, and since I'm a "butter-fingers", it adds needed protection in case of a drop). So, as a solution, I bought the Seidio skin-fit case - it fills the bill.
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    I have more than one case, mainly because I switch around depending on my activities. I have the following cases:
    1. Vaja T66
    2. Vaja T65
    3. Innopocket metal case
    4. Boxwave skin case
    5. Krusell classic
    6. MoBo case (got it from ebay)
    7. another leather slip case with belt clip
    My favorite is the T66.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbroad572
    Do any of you use more than one case?
    Is a pig pork?!! I tried several (6) until I settled on no case at all: E-Grips.
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    I have and use:
    Seidio Holster: even new version scratches top

    Sena leather bottom flip w/ clip: nice case side buttons don't line up perfect and the top of volume button seems to be tearing the leather a bit.

    On order: Vaja T66, steel gray front black back, with clip, can't wait!
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    I must admit this is a bad habit...
    1. Innopocket with the keyboard hacked off so I can use it to and from work.
    2. Krussel Classic for jogging/mp3 listening and cutting grass with mini-clip (snug no worries about it slipping. I also use this to give my 8 month old something to WOW him with when I need a few seconds - Krussel + Keyguard + KBlightsoff = a protected toy with a screen and keyboard that light up for his amusment for 3 seconds w/out the worry of stray question - should I worry that he is chewing on my antenna? .

    I just ordered the Seidio holster facing in - I returned version 1 due to chipping but I will give it another shot. I find the need to access my screen too much not to have this.

    I will find another one to buy within the week I am sure.
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