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    On Handspring's site, it says that they updated their software for Windows Me on September 14, but the file they actually have available for download is the same one that's been there since March.

    Anyone know where to find the update? Thanks.

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    I thin that we concluded that there wasn't a new version for ME. All ME is is 98SE with more drivers (maybe a few programsn that you can donload from Microsoft for free), and the 2000 look. Have you tried the version that came with the Visor, or the download version? I bet they work on ME.
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    i've thought the same thing, but i haven't tried yet. it makes me wary, b/c Handspring's site specifically says that there's a new version that works with Me, yet it's nowhere to be found.

    I'll drop them an email, and if I don't get a satisfactory answer soon, I'm just gonna use the version I used w/ 98se.

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    Don't worry, the Palm Desktop that you can download from HandSpring is compatable with ME. I'm using ME with it and have no problem. BUT.... I'm considering rolling back to 98SE because many apps runs slower in ME than in 98SE.
    Al dude
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    I installed ME at the end of last week and all my apps, included the Palm Desktop and Hotsyncing work just fine. I don't know why Handspring lists an updated doesn't seem to need it.

    Ryan Clayton
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    My guess is that HS support is getting messages from folks asking where is the "update for ME". And support tells them to download the current driver set-- that works.

    But they get a return message from folks asking, "I don't see the "ME update".

    The amount of those messages might be more than the messages they're getting that the updated drivers haven't changed since March.

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