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    I don't have serial cable for Treo 650.

    I am trying to make serial cable. But I can't.

    I have hotsync usb cable. But I couldn't find LG 1200 data cable in my country.

    How can I connect Treo 650 to serial port?

    Is there possible combination of USB hot sync cable and USB to Serial cable connect to serial port?

    Should I order Serial hotsync cable on international line?

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    A Serial HotSync cable is certainly listed as an option. I don't know where you're located, but you should be able to order one from a PalmOne store (the UK one lists the cable at 19.58, for example) or from an online retailer like Expansys or Komplett etc.
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    Thanks your reply.

    I found out serial cable for Treo 650 released 4th May in

    Model name is PDCT5-H9 3ft Treo 650 Serial Hotsync Cable

    Is it right?
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