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    Don't have it, but it looks kinda cool.
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    Wow ... I'm suprised no one has this.
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    Looks good but i prefer PopCap's Dynomite better.
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    Am I missing something, or is there no free trial? I'm not about to spend $20 on a game without trying it first.
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    yeah that's what i want to do also .... no trial ver.
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    Ive played Puzzle Bobble before... such an addicting game. I dont really see the big deal about Bejeweled, it requires no skill aside from "matching colors". It is pretty lame however that this one is $20 and there is NO trial version.
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    Good game, but 20buck. The game is open Source" check GNU". All they did was port it to palm.

    Palm Developers prices are outrages.
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