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    I have looked around and havent found any keyguard at all. I really would like one becuase i always seem to bump the screen as i pull my phone out of my wallet. Also if any of them are free i would rather go that route. Thanks
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    option>power turns on keyguard

    or prefs>keyguard allows you to set auto keyguard options
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    You can turn off the screen when receiving a call by going to Prefs / Keyguard, too.

    All of this is documented in the manual, btw. Or, if you're one of those who refuses to RTFM, then spend some time playing with the Treo, going through all the options settings in Prefs and your applications. You'll learn a lot.

    That said, Keyguard sucks. It interferes with routine use of the device and doesn't adequately prevent inadvertant keypresses when you need it to. Take a look at TreoGuard and Pocket Protector, from Geakware. Or Butler, from Hobbyist Software. They're not free, but they do lots of other good things, too.

    A search of these forums using "keyguard" also turned up:

    TreoAllegro (free, but not sure if works on 650)
    Keepoff (free)

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    Press the Option button (solid color button next to "Z") and Power.. This turns on the keyguard

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