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    I personally know two other people with the t650 and they couldn't help me do upload pictures or even an avatar right to this/any website from the phone? I tried but couldn't do it,but I read it's possible to do...could someone give me a step-by-step process of how this is done.....thanx!!
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    I think he's saying via http no? Prog needs some java or something and you know how blazer is. If you just want to put files up get EZFTP it's free. Or use a site called or splash blog and mms or email them to a certain email account and they post your pics for free. like dis
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    #4 is a photo sharing website which allow uploading photos by email. Once you email the photos, they will automatially show up in a specified album.
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    Try Email your photos to a special address for your account. Easy and free.
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    If memory serves me correctly... If you were to visit a web page with an upload form, there is some trick to us that feature. You have to include the directory path to the file you are uploading in the text field. Something like file:///path/to/file.txt.

    Do a search on the board, I know I saw it on here somewherez...

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    i love slaphblog

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