Everytime I do a FIND command, my Sprint 650 resets in the middle of the find. It seems to do this right as it is looking at SplashID (which is locked). I had thought this was a bug in Intelligent Find, but it also happens with internal find. If I start the find with SpashID open, there still is a reset, but then it happens just as Real Player is being accessed. It seems like it bogs down in the non-built-in apps.

Often, the only consequence is that I just can't find what I want. Several times the reset destroyed preference in ZLauncher, sometimes just a little (all my programs ended up in Unfiled) and then once ZLauncher acted as though it was new. When that happened, SplashID behaved like a new install. I did not test others, but I bet they, too, would look like fresh installs.

Thank goodness for ZoomBack (in BBuddy). I have the lastest version of Spash ID.

I had thought my reset days were over: lots of free space after that rom update and no problems for just weeks. I actually think the find issue has been around for a while, but I've just not focused in on it, as, as I mentioned, I thought it was an IntelligentFind bug and I just ignored it.

The only "strange" app I have it KBLights. Everything I can runs off the SD card via ZLauncher. I don't have any other "fun" utilities installed.

Any ideas would be most appreciated.