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    Can you list what the differences are between version 1.05 and version
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    ChatterEmail Release Notes


    Major New Features:
    * Added AOL support
    * Added POP3 attachment/load more support
    * Added Summary Mailbox (grouping mailboxes into a single mailbox)
    * Added auto-completion of email addresses from the Contact database (and auto-update of Chatter's auto-complete database)

    Bug Fixes, etc:
    * Fixed cases where Chatter would corrupt the screen in other apps
    * Fixed cases in which deleted items might not propagate back to the server for a while.
    * Increased maximum size of IMAP mailbox on the Treo to 4096 messages (from 1024)
    * Added documentation to the "Delivery" and "Other" screens of "Edit Mailbox" (like having the manual with you)
    * Fixed reset error related to reply to messages with no text (chunk overlocked)
    * Fixed send problem (mainly with Gmail) in which a message would send correctly, but generate an error anyway and put the sent item in Drafts
    * Fixed a crash with reply/reply all and messages with long "To" lists
    * Fixed noisy menu commands (beeped after executing)
    * Fixed lots of little bugs
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    Just upgraded and Love the summary screen!!

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