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    I upgraded my Unlocked GSM to v1.21/1.06 from 1.15/1.06 and expected fewer resets and my expectations were met.

    I upgraded 2.5 days ago and have been averaging 2 resets a day (before was 4-6 day). Once it reset while running Bonsai, twice with Goodlink and twice with the Phone application. Earlier today, a went to dial a number by pressing the green send button, it rang once then, poof, reset. Gotta love it, major pain in the a$$. It also locked up once today and had to reset it.

    Anyone else have similar issues?
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    most probably your 3rd party apps. why dont you delete them and observe for a while if your treo works fine.

    me on the other hand will wait for the official 1.21 release ...
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    only 1 reset in 24 hours (im still amazwd whn it doesn't reset overnight). I also think its Goodlink related, although Goodlink recently upgraded its software for the 650 check www.goodlink/downloads
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    My phone locked up again today and needed a reset.

    Doing a search for a food in Balancelog reset it as well. So did trying to run Pockettunes.

    Starting to increase resets to 3 a day. I hope this upcoming official firmware fixes it. And it's continuously running out of memory so must have reset it 6-8 times today for one reason or another (a couple reasons were due to the error when trying to connect to GPRS)

    I know some of you might recommend installing only a few programs so it doesn't crash.

    That's like buying a Ferrari and driving it at 60 km/h.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stalloneeh
    I know some of you might recommend installing only a few programs so it doesn't crash. That's like buying a Ferrari and driving it at 60 km/h.
    I think it's more like "think about installing JC Whitney or other untested / approved parts in your Ferrari. The NTFS thing is still relatively new and if it takes Microsoft three service paks before they can get their OS installed in corporate America (IT mantra is everything before SP3 is a beta) for stability reasons, it's safe to assume that it's going to take time for the software vendors to ctach up.

    I have 101 programs on my Palm and can count on 1 hand the number of resets I have had since I bought it. I seems the great majority of the people with many resets are using their old favorites but things that either hack into the OS, change the default behavior or have a huge amount of code that the vendors need to go thru to catch all the bugaboos.

    Most previous 600 users will have every program they own on the 650 within 24 hours of buying the 650....many who even sync'd them on rather than installing from scratch. The main problem with installing 100 programs on day 1 is that when you have a problem, it's almost impossible to troubleshoot.

    There's also a common theme with those experiencing many resets in that their prgram lists have many commoin apps. Some that come to mind include programs like Agendus, alternate e-mail / browsers, Butler, etc.

    Windows XP Service Pak 2 broke 200 programs according to the list on the MS site. It was a while before the vendors could play catch up and get the things working again. Some required MS fixes and others required vendor fixes. Palm's had a couple of updates already, the vendors keep coming out with fixes but eventually they will get around to getting it all worked out. .

    The best approach I think is to use the phone and default apps for a week and count your resets. If the number is significant get TS's help or exchange it. Then grab the NeatFreakPak form Northglide, install it and start ranking your programs. Those 1) high on the Treo compatability list, 2) not in the titles of 100 threads here on TC regarding problems and 3) ones which are most important to you should be at the top of the list. Install 1 program per hotsync and no more than 2 or 3 a day. You see a jump in resets, use Uninstall Manager to remove all traces of the last days worth of programs, not just the apps themselves but all files they created or would otherwise left behind. Install those 1 at a time untill you narrow down the possibilities and find the culprit.

    All you can do at that point is decide whether the program is worth the resets and contact the developer and ask for help.

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