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    Is there any software that will soft reset the Treo via the buttons while stuck in some loop and avoid having to take the cover off (and/or case).

    I am hoping someone can come up with a not so easily false reseting combination of keys.

    Just an idea.....
    I have detailed files.
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    One of the issues is a lack of a true multi-threaded environment with PalmOS. The reason these apps doesn't exist is because when an application plays "Operation Arsehat" the entire OS is unresponsive requiring an actual cessation of power to the device to cause a OS reload. I guess you're asking for some type of front-panel or hot-key cessation of power to cause the device to reboot. Doesn't seem likely unless coming from PalmOne and even then I won't pretend to place this request on their agenda.

    As an edit, I think your question is both valid and useful. I think we're just forced into the limitations of PalmOS on this one.
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    I've been trying to figure out a way to do exactly this for over a month. It's not easy. Although it probably would be easy if I had access to detailed docs about the internals of the machine.
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    just drill a hole in the battery cover. I did and have not had to remove my battery cover or skin since. It was a 5 minute job. With over 100 apps loaded on this puppy, freeze ups are bound to occur. make the hole about 3/16ths diameter so the stylus will fit to the correct depth. the are some other threads on this subject, so I extend the credit to them.

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