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    I am attempting to install OTA technology from, but I am seriosly low on memory. I purchased a 512mb SD card which I inserted...but I have no idea how to move things onto it to free up memory. Listed below is anything that has more than 100k....please advise what I can move to make space and more importantly, how to do it.

    vindigo 2579k
    DGraphConverter 1081k
    Documents 503k
    FileZ 230k
    Hold emhigh 403k
    messages database 2467k
    Nevada Casino 1778k
    Sheet to go 877k
    Slideshow togo 489k
    WordtoGo 909k
    WordToGoFonts 282k

    Is there anything else on the 650 that can be moved thats not listed above?
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    use filez to move the apps to the sd card. You need a launcher assist app to launch from the sd. The built in launcher will work with some apps but others require zlauncer or power run. One thing which you could do is download dataviz' tech app to move the docs to go files to the sd card.
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    The tools of choice for running apps off the SD Card are:


    In no particular order, really. It's all about person preference.

    I use LauncherX and it works very, very well for my needs.
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    Can any of the programs i listed above be moved over to the card? Are there any probs in doing so?
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    Go to and download the prc to move Docs2Go. This will free up at least 4MB (it did on my 600 and I have heard from many users of 650's that freed up almost 5MB) on your device by moving all of D2G to the card.

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