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    My new 650 will be here in a day or two (GSM unlocked) and I want to put the 1.21 update on it from the beginning. Here's what I "think" I know.

    1. The first time I turn on the 650 is the equivilent of a hard reset. I can do the update right after the initial setup.

    2. After the update is done (I'm planning on using the SD version) the Treo will need at least 1 hard rest.

    3. Given that every time I hard reset the 650 I have to give it a name, it doesn't matter if I use the same name each time (remember, this is before I do any hotsync).

    What I don't know:

    1. At what point during the update do I take the SD card out?

    Does all of that make sense? Have I missed anything?

    From everything I've read here, the update makes all the diference in the performance of the 650.

    Thanks in advance.

    p.s. I can't wait for the new toy to arrive. I've had one Palm or another since the very first model.
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    The update definitely has improved my Treo 650. Copy the update files to your SD card, and insert the card. The update will run automatically. You should have the Treo plugged in while the update is happening. Once finished, the Treo will actually reset itself twice. That's it, take the SD card out, hotsync to load apps and create a name for your Treo.
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