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    Hi everyone,

    I just upgraded to a 650 (Thanks to the 7th 600 Spriont had to order for me being bad as well) and I finally finished setting everything up on the new 650...


    My Mini Cooper logo wallpaper...

    It's all stretched and gnarly looking. I tried reaizing the picture but it still looks all odd even at 320X321 (Which is as close I could get it to 320X320 for some reason).

    Anyone know how to get this thing looking right, OR anyone have a link where I might find a cool Mini logo wallpaper?

    I appreciate any help....

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    The top 25 percent of the screen is taken up by the phone status, date & time, and such. The treo seems to shrink or stretch as necessary to fit to 320x240.
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    Don't ever wall paper!!! Do you know how hard it is to get off? Cutting, steaming, scraping.... mean on your Treo. My bad.
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    Technology has made it quite simple to strip wallpaper these days.

    Point, click, delete... Amazing what 1000's of years of mankind can think of these days!


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