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    I've installed and registered Backupman v1.53.

    It backed up without a hitch (though I haven't needed to restore at this point).

    But any instructions, including those on the Welcome screen, How To Backup, and How To Restore, have a scrollbar on the right hand side of the screen. Yet I can't scroll down, either with the 5-way or with the stylus. The "OK" button is highlighted, and the screen is stuck- I can't do anything at this point but exit the screen.

    Does anyone else have this issue on their T650?
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    I have noticed this on other programs (I don't recall which ones). Could it be a problem with some of the Palm API's or possibly how they are implemented?
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    I just downloaded and installed 1.53 and the scroll bar works although the 5 way doesn't.

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