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    I've found this site accidentally, while browsing for a store to buy the original Treo Blutooth Headset. PalmOne gives away a free Bluetooth Headset, for everybody in Germany buying a Treo 650 by April 30th.

    Treo 650 launch promotion
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    Too bad I can't read German
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brooose
    Too bad I can't read German
    Even Google's translator has trouble with it.
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    yeah, but if you have to pay EUR 729.-- (USD 950.--!!!) for a fone, well, the buyer deserves a littel freebie, doesnt he.
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    I ordered my headset, got a confirmation mail. It should arrive in the next days.
    But i didn't buy my Treo in Europe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beelzebueb
    yeah, but if you have to pay EUR 729.-- (USD 950.--!!!) for a fone, well, the buyer deserves a littel freebie, doesnt he.
    That's palmOne's suggested retail price.
    Luckily, I only paid EUR 580,- (USD 754,-), including tax!

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    The Treo 650 is very overpriced in Europe. Here in Switzerland price starts at CHF 999.-- (US$ 841.--) without contract.
    I am happy i ordered mine in the U.S. for $ 500.--
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    Maybe this helps:

    1. Buy a Treo 650 smart phone before April 30. 2005
    2. Fill out the voucher
    (first name, last name, address, city, ZIP code, country, email address)

    3. Include the following information:

    - A copy of your receipt with date of buy
    - The original IMEI code from the Treo box

    4. Send these informations to the adress listed.

    Treo must be bought before April 30. 2005.
    Infos must be sent before May 31. 2005

    Good luck !
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    This promotion also runs in the Netherlands, and I've been using my free BT headset for several weeks now!

    By the way: I bougth my Treo 650 with a 2-year plan from Orange (although Orange does not sell the Treo in the Netherlands), paying only 119,- (about US$ 154,-).
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    For those of you having probs understanding the german link above - the free Treo BT Headset was offered in Norway too -

    I've just got mine - have tried it, but not enough to compare quality with my SE HBH-65.
    Unfortunately I have got complaints for echoing with them both.... :|
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    I see that postage is the responsibility of the recepient though. So what are we talking about here to have one of these sent to the US?

    PS: Or even within Europe what was the cost that you guys had to pay?

    UPDATE: Just went home for lunch (1pm Central US time) and checked for this IMEI UPC code on my box and it is not there. I have a total of 5 UPC codes vs. their 4 in their picture and none are IMEI or whatever. I have 2 ESN ones and 1 SKU and 2 others...
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