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    Everyone here knows how much I love my Cingular Treo 650, to the point of derisive "fanboy" comments in many threads. However, for several weeks now, I've been watching the "Updater" page at PalmOne, since Sprint users have had the update to fix memory, sound, etc. problems for weeks now. Across from Cingular and unlocked GSM is the disingenuous description "No Update Required":

    What irks me is that it should at least read "Update Not Yet Available" I'll wait my turn (since our Sprint brethren always have to do the advance beta testing for us GSM users) but at least be honest about the current situation; not make it sound like every thing's peaches & cream.
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    no not me. it is just semantics. we all expect there will be an update, so just be patient. it will be released when they are ready. simple as that.
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    I agree it should read "No update available."
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