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    Quote Originally Posted by Katway
    Question -- How did the passenger call you when your phone was still in the cab?
    I think he means he hollered at him before he went too far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by claudiak
    I just ordered a Timbuk2 case (not through Pal because they want 9.00 shipping for this) - got it for 15.--+3.99 s/h from ebags.
    Are u sure it will fit ?

    I notice that the small ebags $15 case is 2 x 4.25 x 1 whereas the Treo case on sale in the Palm store is 2.75 x 4 x 1

    There's another medium one on e-bags which is 2.25" x 5" x 1.25"

    Both the ones on ebags seem small for the Treo which measures 2.35" wide
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    Quote Originally Posted by hahnyc87
    dont the egripps make it get stuck in your pocket
    No. I hold the back of the 650, with my hand over the egrip and slide it in my pocket with the 650 facing me. No resistance at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by busyba
    Absolutely not.

    As far as I know, there's no case or covering that will allow you to dock the treo in the cradle while it's in the case. The cradle is built around the dimensions of the naked treo with extremely little clearance.

    eGrips, maybe, but that's about it.
    I have the egrips and my 650 fits in the cradle just fine. A coworker of mine has the same setup with no problems either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wballz33
    How does this look and function? I have the case and the clip adapter has broken so it is useless (not the clips fault, just a nervous habbit of pushing it in while my hand is in my pocket) I may try this modification.
    Works for me... you can still see the stitching holes, and there is a little place that the glue pulled the finished part off the leather. i just colored it black with a marker and all looks fine... I like it because it is covered and still thin. Plus it is always sitting on the back anyways. PM me with e-mail address if you want pictures.
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    I own the Krussell case but stopped using it because the bottom cutouts did not line up with my microphone. Did I buy the wrong case or is this a common problem with the Krussell case? If it is common for the T650 case, how have people overcome it?
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    My mic cutout lines up correctly, sometimes have to pull the case down a bit on the bottom to plug in the sync cable not a big deal though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chunky Egg Foo
    I think he means he hollered at him before he went too far.
    Yes, holler is the operative word
    Pilot Professional 1MB -> Palm III -> Palm 515 -> Tungsten T -> Treo 650 -> Treo 680
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    thanks GIS, made the modification yesterday with the exact same result. I'm really liking it so far.

    My mic cutout fits pretty well but I have the same issues with the bottom port. Fortunately it rarely gets used so its no big deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkY[B
    ]"naked"[/B] Treo is a bit slippery.
    or breast pocket of a suit jacket at work, without any issues or unsightly bulges.

    heh heh.....he said "naked"
    heh heh.....he said "breast"
    heh heh.....he said "bulges"

    heh heh...uhhh heh heh...
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    One problem with carrying it in your pocket is that gunk that can get on the contacts. I had to clean mine before hotsyncing would work again.
    what kind of "gunk" do you keep in your pockets??
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtgmt
    what kind of "gunk" do you keep in your pockets??
    Dust, really. The recessed contacts of the treo can gather lint quite well.
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    I cant see how some of you guys or gals can keep the Treo in ya pockets, especially shirt pockets. Ya'll must be wearing xtra small muscle shirts. The Treo is probably in there tight as hell. I'm gonna look into the InnoPocket. This case has a sleek design, while still being proctective.
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