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    Is that a treo in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
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    Quote Originally Posted by amb34
    Is that a treo in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
    yeah, all the hot women ask me that
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    I carry the 650 in my pocket with the F650 leather case from Treo Central ($30). Fits well in pocket and stays secure. Case saved Treo when I accidentally tossed it onto concrete while walking .

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    I use the Vaja iVolution T-65 case and carry it in my front jeans pocket.
    The Vaja adds a significant amount of bulge to it, so I take it out when I get in the car or sit down usually, it's a little more comfortable. I don't have to, but if I sit down in the car with it it's a bit difficult to get it while I'm sitting.
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    Going raw is not a smart way to treat any of your valuable gadgets. I carry in my pocket with a silicone skin case from TreoCentral (aka the Treo Condom). While it's slightly more difficult to get into and out of your pocket, this is probably a good thing as it means it only comes out when you want it to. This might be more difficult if you wear tight jeans or similar - on khakis and most dress pants it's not an issue.

    The most important issue for me is the slip factor while it's coming in and out of the pocket - this was always when I used to drop my old 600, which I had in an Innopocket hard case for exactly that reason. With my 650 now, I discover I don't need a hard case since I never drop it in the first place, thanks to the silicone skin.
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    I have kept my phone in my pocket ever since the 270...

    But I do have a probelm - I can't figure out a way to make calls using my bluetooth headset without hanging up on the caller. I usually place the call and then stick the phone in my pocket while I walk around. The hangup button always gets tapped.

    Does anyone have a fix for this?
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    I lost my old Palm V loose in my pocket (knocked it against the corner of a desk and the screen went crack). After that day, I swore only to carry big screen devices in a pouch or case.
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    On a simliar note do the Innopocket hardcases have non slip sides. I find that the worst part of the treo is that it's so slippery. I wish it had rubber inserts on the side instead of the shiny things.
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    I too carry it in my pocket with no problem but I use a screen protector and 2 small strips of egrip on each side and 1 small patch on the back so it won't slip when I'm using it. The 650 case seem to be more durable. I did the same with my 600 and that one scratched easily and buttons faded. Particularly the 5 way and the speaker on/of switch. I also have a flexiskin case as an alternative, but so far have never needed to use it. Probably if I ever wear slacks since it could easily slide out when I'm sitting down. Just remember to always face it towards your legs just incase you accidentally bump onto a table corner or something. I've been doing this for 5 months now and I carry my phone everywhere I go. Even when I go
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    I use a Krusell case with the cutout screen and a screen protector. This allows me to keep it in my pocket with little additional bulk (no belt clip) while fully protecting the unit. The case covers the keyboard so there is no wear on the buttons from walking around. I only put change in the pocket with the treo though, wouldn't trust keys, a lighter, anything bulky like that.
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    avoid the rubbery skin cases. those don't move in out of, well any kind of material you'd be wearing. i should have my vaja t65 this week. i don't rock the belt clip IT guy look either, and wear pants that fit, but at the same time, don't want a little spill to spell the end of the world. we'll see...
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    sounds good
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    No case or grips yet here. I do have a screen protector and thank God for that. It has scratches on it already (bought in Nov). I carry mine in my pocket (uniform and blue jeans mostly). Only thing I notice (scratches were my fault) is slight wear around the screen off of the shiny chrome face. not a big deal, but I would like a very thin case to protect and add grip. The skin cases seem to add too much grip so I'm still patiently waiting. I don't want to add much if any girth at all.
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    I carry it in my pocket and the girls love it when it vibrates...
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    Quote Originally Posted by richiekess
    I carry it in my pocket and the girls love it when it vibrates...
    Too funny. Sometimes I just call myself over and over and over... did I say that outloud?
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    What about headphones? This is a huge issue when carrying the Treo. The headphone adapter from PalmOne has that 90 degree bend, so it tends to push to the side. I am wondering if this is one of the reasons so many people are having trouble with the sound on the Treos (alot of people find that eventually, they stop getting sound out of their left ear, due to the fact that the headphones or headphone adapters no longer make contact correctly inside the Treo). Some way of holding the Treo, without putting pressure on the headphones would be great.

    The other issue is the SD cards. I lost one SD card already. It popped out sometime while I was eating dinner (ok, eating dinner and drinking alot). Something that covers the SD card while it is inside would be good.

    Definately use a screen protector. I used to carry my Visor Prism around in my pocket, without a protector, for years. In my pocket were keys, change, etc. And, of course, eventually I put a scratch right across the writing area.
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    I also have the Innopocket aluminum hard case, and this works well with me. I have also customized my case by taking out the hard clear plastic piece covering the Treo's screen. Now I can touch the screen when I want to, instead of having to first open the case door. I also use the screen protector from TreoCentral, and this is truly the best brand available (no air bubbles, no scratches, etc).

    By the way, to take out the case's clear plastic piece covering the screen, you simply have to strip out the black neoprene material covering the plastic from the inside, and then use your two thumbs to poke out the plastic piece from the outside, which is only held in by glue.

    Now I'm curious to try out Innopocket's new case made with magnesium alloy which is suppose to be 37% lighter. I went to Innopocket's website last month, but could not yet find availability dates.
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    I just got a Treo 600, and frankly, I'm disappointed with the ergonomics. I wore dress pants yesterday, and the Treo felt like a brick that was practically pulling down my left pants leg... and I sure couldn't greet a client with that huge bulge (yeah, joking aside).

    My Treo 180, dinosaur it is, feels lighter and is generally more comfortable in my pocket.

    I'm now jealous of those tiny clamshell "girl" phones (like the Samsungs) where you throw 'em in your pocket and basically forget they're there.
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    I too use the Krussel case, cut out screen, and screen protector. I wanted it to be as thin as could be so I cut the stitching around the clip assembly and took it off. now all I have is a very thin leather case and I love it. I know it can't be replaced, but I don't like being a "hipper" so not a problem for me. on the krussel it covers the SD slot so there is no way for the sd to pop out.
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